For the e-mail correspondence, please use one of the following subject lines:

  • Registration
    "Registration" for correspondence regarding registration form or other registration related questions.

  • Abstract
    "Abstract" if you are attaching your abstract to the e-mail or for abstract-related correspondence.

  • Invoice
    "Invoice" for correspondence related to invoice issues. Electronic invoice will be sent after processing the registration form; please input all necessary informations in the registration form and make sure that it is correct. Paper invoices will be handed at the conference.

  • Question Palace
    "Question Palace" for all questions, how to reach the conference place.
    (the buss schedule will be attached soon)

  • Question
    "Question" - for all other correspondence

Response to e-mails without or with wrong subject line can be delayed.

The conference e-mail address is: pkc2016(at) (please replace the (at) with the @ character).